International Snow Day

Ober Web CamWhat is International Snow Day you ask?  It’s a day set aside to create awareness about snowsports and the environment.  The first part is easy.  You are probably a lover of skiing and snowboarding, or you would most likely not be visiting our site.  But what about cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ski joring, and yes, even tubing.  All of these activities can be enjoyed in the snow, so you folks are included as well.  We all like to get out and breath in that fresh, cold air.  We get excited when we see that first flake and marvel at the beauty that is all around us, covered in snow.  One goal of this campaign is to make sure that enjoyment of the outdoors, even in winter, is not lost  in the hype and “fear” messages that the media bombards us with.

And the environment?  Well, we all need to be good stewards of the world around us if we are to maintain those great winter views and thrills.  If we don’t, than all of the above activities could be lost.  Ski resorts in particular, are very good stewards, despite what you might read or hear.  Ski trails create open areas for plants and wildlife.  (Here at Ober Gatlinburg we regularly see wild turkeys and deer on the slopes).  Maintaining ski trails means reducing erosion and keeping sediments out of our streams.  Snowmaking, while it use a lot of water, also means that that water is  slowly released back into the streams, reducing spring flooding.  And think about the great winter views that lifts open up for everyone to enjoy.  I could go on, but you get the picture.

So, join us for International Snow Day and celebrate everything that is snow.  And, if becoming a lover of snow is on your bucket list, join us for one of our affordable Wintersport Programs.  Just click on programs and follow the prompts.