OG RPm 2nd race of the season in the hopper

We all got a slow start to our winter season here in the east but we are finaly on the right track. Snow is here and our 2nd race of the season is in the books

here are the series points so far:

Points after 2 races



January 14, 2016 Race results: Todd Cramer fastest time.

1_14_16 OG RPm race


January 7, 2016 race results: Tony Ogle fastest time.

1_3_16 OG RPm race


Sunday Family Day Program

The Gatlinburg Snowsports Center


Winter Sports Programs

Skiing and/or Snowboarding

Sunday Family Day – for moms and dads and all the kids – children must be at least 4years old for skiing and at least 6years old for snowboarding. For the class times children will be with teachers in appropriate age groups and adults will go to separate classes. After class time the whole family may enjoy the slopes together.

Women Only Outdoors – taught by women for women. Runs concurrent to the Sunday Family Day Program so Moms can drop off their kids and enjoy some girl time.

Class Dates: Sundays –

February 1st, 8th, 22nd & March 1st

Instruction: 2 PM – 4 PM

Cost: $165 (SAVINGS OVER 50%)

Program includes:

4 lessons,

4 area/lift tickets

4 rental equipment

4 tram rides from downtown

For more information or to sign up online go to www.GatlinburgSki.com and find the “Winter Sports Program” Sign up form.

To arrange special needs and get answers to other questions contact Pete Jucker via email at: Petejucker@gmail.com


At least 6″ of fresh new snow

Ober Web CamHere is an early morning shot of what a fantastic day at Ober it will be with at least 6″ of new snow. The groomers did not touch the top of the mountain and we’ll be getting freshies all day.

If you can get here you will not regret this event that only happens on rare occasions here in the south.

And Do Not Forget:

SAM_1472Tonight is OG RPm Race Night. Come and sign up at the GSC office; registration open until 6pm

or at this link:  Sign-up for OG RPm

OG RPm 2014 Sponsor Banner converted

4 down – 4 to go OG RPm

We are 1/2 way there. The OG RPm race series continues this evening with Race #5. Its a great event coinciding with the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.

Come out and enjoy a beautiful winter evening at the races


International Snow Day

Ober Web CamWhat is International Snow Day you ask?  It’s a day set aside to create awareness about snowsports and the environment.  The first part is easy.  You are probably a lover of skiing and snowboarding, or you would most likely not be visiting our site.  But what about cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ski joring, and yes, even tubing.  All of these activities can be enjoyed in the snow, so you folks are included as well.  We all like to get out and breath in that fresh, cold air.  We get excited when we see that first flake and marvel at the beauty that is all around us, covered in snow.  One goal of this campaign is to make sure that enjoyment of the outdoors, even in winter, is not lost  in the hype and “fear” messages that the media bombards us with.

And the environment?  Well, we all need to be good stewards of the world around us if we are to maintain those great winter views and thrills.  If we don’t, than all of the above activities could be lost.  Ski resorts in particular, are very good stewards, despite what you might read or hear.  Ski trails create open areas for plants and wildlife.  (Here at Ober Gatlinburg we regularly see wild turkeys and deer on the slopes).  Maintaining ski trails means reducing erosion and keeping sediments out of our streams.  Snowmaking, while it use a lot of water, also means that that water is  slowly released back into the streams, reducing spring flooding.  And think about the great winter views that lifts open up for everyone to enjoy.  I could go on, but you get the picture.

So, join us for International Snow Day and celebrate everything that is snow.  And, if becoming a lover of snow is on your bucket list, join us for one of our affordable Wintersport Programs.  Just click on programs and follow the prompts.

The Spy is Sitting by the Fire

SAM_1164For those of you who can remember, there was a novel called “The Spy Who Came In From the Cold”.  After looking over the weather report for the next several days, I can see why he might prefer to be some place warm.  We are going to see some very steady, cold temperatures for the next week, as well as some off and on snow showers.  Now throw in snowmaking and you can bet that the skiing and snowboarding will be outstanding.  In fact, Ober Gatlinburg snowmakers are busy working to get Alpine Way open ASAP, and will then turn their efforts towards Grizzly.  How great will it be to have the entire mountain open??

To go along with these great conditions are some equally as great programs offered through the Gatlinburg Snowsports Center.  The Afterschool Program, available to local fourth, fifth, and sixth graders starts on Friday, January 24, and the Women’s Program begins on Monday, the 27th.  If you haven’t signed up for either of these, it’s easy to do on-line, and you can pay  via our secure jot form.

Come on!  You know you want to do it.





Race night tonight

SAM_1164It snowed last night, the snow crew help along and made some fresh snow too. The racing will be awesome tonight. We will set up a nice slalom and add a flush to the finish.  So get your race face on.